Chelsea's Top 5 Most Attractive Players

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Chelsea are one of the most attractive clubs in the world and they seem to only be getting better looking.  They bring girls to the game of football and are all pretty good footballers.  Here are the best five in my opinion.

Honorable Mention: Juan Mata

The man has gorgeous eyes, but doesn't quite make the Top 5.

5. David Luiz

He's got a smile of gold, great hair and is built pretty well.  Also having a great personality adds to the pot.

4. Lucas Piazon

Another man with great hair.  The baby face that every Brazilian seems to have along with his South American football skills.  

3. Cesar Azipilicueta

Even with the creepy smile Cesar is still a gorgeous man.  He just has that model look.  Surely there will be many clothing lines wanting him to dress himself in their products.

2. Eden Hazard

Booty Booty Booty rockin' everywhere.  The man has a donk.  Eden is clearly no stranger to squats.  He also has a pretty gorgeous face.  Definitely the all around package.

1. Fernando Torres

There really was no surprise to who would be number one.  Not only is Torres one of the most attractive footballers out there but one of the most attractive people in the world. The man has every attractive feature you can imagine and will continue to increase heart rates of the female race. 


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