How to "Fix" Fernando Torres

The biggest question around Chelsea Football Club at the moment seems to be all about the form of Fernando Torres.  Some so called "fans" have even gone far enough to boo one of their own players.  He seems at the moment incapable of scoring or even being dangerous throughout a match.  The Spanish striker seems completely lost trying to implement his old highlights in a new kit, but one thing is for certain, form is temporary and class is permanent.

At the beginning of the season the question Di Matteo was asked was, would he get Torres back to his old Liverpool days? He didn't.  When Rafa Benitez was brought in, all the questions were the same, would he bring Torres back to his old form? He didn't.  One things seem strange when you look at what managers say about Torres.  All you ever here is either, he will get back to his old form, or he won't get back to his old form. Why do people not see that he is no longer the same age? Why does no one see that it's not 2008?  Fernando Torres will never be the same player, never anything close to it, he is never going to burst by back-lines for his goals.  It's entirely impossible.  This isn't to say that he can not be one of the best players in the world once again.  He can, that's entirely possible.

The day Fernando Torres will be back is the day a manager comes and tells him to forget the old Torres and invent a new one.  He needs to become a new player.  He needs to create a whole new style.  He needs to stay in the box and not try to play the wings like he used to in his pacier days.  His aerial game already looks like it has gotten better and he needs to capitalise on that.  Chelsea loves to cross the ball in, and the better he gets in the air the more he will score.  Chelsea loves to play one touch passes with their new plethora of midfielders and if he stays in the box instead of trying to make his "Liverpool" long ball runs, he will score.  If he takes more long shots, instead of trying to play give and go like he used to do with Steven Gerrard, he will score.  The more Torres plays to Chelsea's style instead of making them play to his, the more he will score and make an impact at the club.  He is certainly going to have to earn his time now that Demba Ba is there, but his time to shine is not over.

The question isn't which manager will bring back the old Torres, it's what Manager will create a new one.


  1. I really wish to c the NEW Torres ur talking abt and hope it happens soon FT9:-)

  2. I supposeif it were that easy, we woulndt have had flops like Andriy, Pizarro etc. And I'm sure of the managers that have traversed the Cobham halls dreaming bringing El Nino to some acceptable form, one or two may have said as much, and tried as much and he has failed at adapting, and doesn't look like he's interested in trying to either. A change of scenery would be a better option for all concerned.

    Time to pull the plug on the El Nino project. Because its harming both our egos. If he is just around the corner to being as good or even better than he was if he adapts his game, then maybe he should try it at another club, on a clean slate. We are fresh out of patience, and I don't see anyone being willing to watch Torres try to learn how to lve playing football again.

    1. A change of scenery? Torres is still playing well at the moment and scoring goals when he's not in his best form, so getting rid of a player we paid £50m for is a ridiculous idea. If Mourinho comes back then he will get the best out of Torres because if any manager can, he can.

  3. I'll pray for him everyday :( I really love him, I wish I could meet him just to tell him how much I love him <3 I'll never lose faith in him because being a TRUE fan means to support him no matter what

  4. Torres is a blow to us he is going down