Top 10 Footballers in the World (Updated December 2012)

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Over the past few months my view on who the world's top players are, has really changed.  You may think you can guess who are the top 10 but I guarantee you are in for quite a few surprises.

10.  Yaya Toure - Manchester City - Midfielder

Yaya Toure could be one of the most influential player in the world.  No other midfielder is as well balanced as he is.  He is a unbelievable defender and even better going forward.  The Ivorian is one of the strongest players on the ball and vitally important to any success Manchester City wants to have.

9. Vincent Kompany - Manchester City - Defender

It is becoming very clear that Vincent Kompany is the best defender in the Premier League.  I think the fact that within minutes of coming off injured in the last Manchester Derby that United scored shows his worth enough.  Kompany is a stonewall in the back-line and hardly lets anything get passed him.  The Belgium is brilliant in the air both defensively and in the attacking sense.  Vincent is a amazing captain to go along with his footballing skills and will most likely shut down elite attackers for many years to come.

8.  Andres Iniesta - Barcelona - Midfielder/Winger

I've always thought Barcelona was more about a system and not just about having elite talent, but I can't deny what Iniesta does for both club and country.  He was a huge part of Spain's Euro 2012 success and is the driving force behind Barcelona.  Not only is he a big goal threat but his passing is marvelous.  Going along with his slick moves on the ball there is no question he is one of the very best.

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - PSG - Striker

Zlatan scores like he's playing against school kids.  I don't think I have to explain much more, he doesn't shy away from describing his own talents.

6.  Eden Hazard - Chelsea FC - Midfielder/Winger

There's really only one way to stop Eden Hazard and that's by fouling him, even then he is still close to impossible to shut down.  His on the ball skills are second to none and no defender has yet to figure out his slicing and dicing.  Eden could easily work his way into the top 3 in the coming future.

5.  Juan Mata - Chelsea FC - Midfielder

Juan Mata has quickly became the best player in the Premier League.  No other footballer in the league can compete with how he affects the match.  He controls the pace for his side and always seems to pick out the perfect pass.  Now that he has added goals to his play there is really no ceiling to how good he can be.

4. Mesut Ozil - Real Madrid - Midfielder 

Mesut Ozil's stats speak for them-self, the guy always finds a great pass for a great assist and is most part the reason Real Madrid scores as much as they do.  The German has a silky touch and is one of the most consistent players in the world.  Ozil has a great knack for scoring goals as well and always seems to take a lovely free kick in the latter stages of a match.  

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid - Winger/Forward

Cristiano Ronaldo puts the ball in the back of the net almost every match.  He is brilliant on the ball and great in the air.  His pace blows by any defender and makes almost any club fear his greatness.  Ronaldo is one of the worlds all time best and doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

2. Lionel Messi - Barcelona - Striker 

I know I know, I'm crazy because I put this legend as number two.  Messi has scored 88 goals thus far in 2012, that's basically all that needs to be said about him.

1. Thiago Silva - PSG - Defender

Yes I'm crazy but in my opinion Thiago Silva is the world's finest footballer.  The Brazilian simply has no flaws in his game.  He is one of PSG's fastest players, and he's a center back. His defending is easily the classiest in the world.  No footballer seems to score getting past him.  He makes elite strikers look like they have never played football in their life, ask Falcao.  Even when he makes a tackle in the penalty box he is cool and calm on the ball and usually goes with his slick South American skills rather than a booming clearance.  Other than being the most complete defender he could well be the best passing center half in the world.  Some matches it seems like he is controlling the pace of play, even as a defender and time and time again he puts long balls right on the money, that loads of the time lead to goals.  Unlike elite attackers, a defender affects the match in defending and attacking and no one is better than the captain of Brazil.


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