Player Ratings for Chelsea vs. Nordsjaelland

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Chelsea went into their Champions League clash on Wednesday having almost no control over their destiny in the Champions League, but they still had to handle their business. The Blues did just that and came out with a 6-1 win that still came up short as Juventus took down the Ukraine side Donetsk.  Let's take a look  at how each player did.

GK Petr Cech: 8.5

Cech didn't have the most active night but when called upon he saved a penalty that could have changed the whole match, but did allow one goal.  By far the best performance while he has had the armband.

D Branislav Ivanovic: 7.5

Wasn't really in the match, but when he had some action Nords forward Joshua John blew right by him for their only goal.  Clearly more comfortable in central defence.

D Ashley Cole: 8.0

Wasn't really much to do for the outside defenders but Cole did his job while on the pitch.  Did pick up a injury at the end of the first half.

D David Luiz: 9.5

David Luiz may have put in his best performance of the year tonight.  He was solid all night defending, which is a success in its own right, and also grabbed a goal with a perfectly taken penalty in the first half to get the scoring underway.  Luiz looked like the leader on the pitch, and under Rafa Benitez he has been nothing short of spectacular.  He even grabbed a few minutes at defensive midfield where he looked just as stellar.  Great all around performance from the Brazilian.

D Gary Cahill: 8.5

Defended with class and scored a magnificent header, other than a handball which lead to a penalty a pretty good performance.

M Oriol Romeu: 8.0

Just to let everyone know, Romeu was playing and did play the whole match.  His name was maybe not called much, but he shielded the defence with class.

M Ramires: 8.0

Box to Box play is what you expect from Ramires, and that's what he gave.  Nothing to dazzling but was consistent while on the pitch.

M Juan Mata: 8.5

Another classy performance from the Magician, he controlled the pace well and contributed to most of the goals.  Mata could be the most consistent player in the world at the moment.

M Eden Hazard: 8.5

Hazard was dazzling and blowing by defenders as usual.  He was in most part the one who created the chances for Chelsea's shots on target.  Yet again I will say you must foul him to stop him.  If it wasn't for a particularly weak penalty that was saved, it would of been one of his best Chelsea performances.

F Victor Moses: 8.5

Dangerous in attack as always and played a lovely ball to assist Torres's first goal.  Deserved a goal himself.

F Fernando Torres: 9.5

Rafa Benitez promised he would get Torres scoring and looks like he wasn't lying.  The Spaniard had the utmost confidence in his finishing and looked likely to score every time he was on the ball.  I don't want to jinx it, but this was a "Liverpool Torres" performance.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is Fernando Torres's best performance as a Chelsea player.  Not only did he score two goals and put almost everything on target but he contributed to every aspect of a match.  He came back and defended set pieces, he chased loose balls like his life depended on it and did whatever he could to help out his teammates.  If Torres can continue this form than Chelsea may not be out of the EPL title race yet.

D Ryan Bertrand: 8.0

Came on for a injured Ashley Cole and did his job very well.

M Oscar: 8.5

He scores in the Champions League like it's the easiest thing in the world.  The Brazilian added another goal to his UEFA tally and Rafa Benitez needs to give him his starting role back.

M Paulo Ferreira: 8.0

Hasn't played in a while, and Stamford Bridge thoroughly enjoyed seeing him back in action.

Man of the Match: David Luiz

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  1. I think Rafa's doing wonders for some of our players, like David Luiz. He seems so focused now, it's impressive: under Di Matteo, he wasn't playing as good as he is right now.
    Also, I like the fact that Rafa is giving a chance to play to Ferreira and to Marin.

    Talking about Torres, yesterday he seemed to have a pace and acceleration that I thought he had lost for good. Rafa is good for Torres, he probably understands him better than any other manager. It was a great surprise to see him play so well.