Chelsea Supporters Disgracefully Slate One of Their Own

First John Obi Mikel, and then David Luiz, it seems Chelsea fans have made it a habit to shamefully tear down one of their own.  This week the hate has come to a whole other level from Chelsea supporters in attacking Spanish striker Fernando Torres.

Maybe they want him to have a emotional breakdown, maybe they think the hate will force him undoubtedly out of Stamford Bridge, maybe they want to force RDM to put Daniel Sturridge into the starting role, but whatever it is, what Torres is experiencing could be one of the ugliest things ever seen at the club.  No matter where you go, Twitter, Facebook, the News, Journalism, your neighborhood pub, all you will see and hear is the utmost disrespect for Fernando Torres and the absolute worship of Atletico Madrid Striker Radamel Falcao.  By the way most Chelsea supporters talk you would think Falcao is already at Chelsea.  Things said such as, "I hope Torres get hurt next match" or "Let's hope Torres sucks so we can get Falcao", are examples of what are being said and it is only getting worse.

When Torres has a bad game you would think he committed murder by reading some of the things that are said about him.  Yet when Radamel Falcao has a bad match, he gets protection and immunity.  Maybe it should be reminded to some that Torres puts on the Chelsea blue on Saturday and not Falcao.  This situation has nothing to do with football.  Yes, Falcao has been more impressive this season, but no matter what, whoever is Blue you support them through and through.

If you take a look at Chelsea's captain John Terry, all you see is class.  He is respectful to fans and does whatever he can for the club.  Terry never says anything bad about any of his teammates and has their backs no matter what;  It is time for Chelsea fans to look at him, realize what crest they're wearing and start showing the same kind of class.


  1. Who ever has written this, This is perfectly written :-)

  2. Didn't realise Terry was respecting Wayne Bridge when shagging his wife. Or all his team mates when he stripped down into his kit at the champions league final, after playing no part. And started marauding around with the trophy. Deluded fans, shit support and a shit club.

    1. What exactly are you doing in a Chelsea site? No one needs your hate. Get out of here.

    2. I hope you realise UEFA TOLD him to wear his kit so it looked more uniform and are you forgetting the impact he made in all the previous matches before the final, Learn the facts next time

  3. What I think is horrible is the fact that, hiding behind the excuse of "a misfiring striker" or "just plain criticism", many Chelsea fans are trying to humiliate and abuse one of our players.
    I've seen people on twitter calling him "Paris Hilton", or even worse, "cocksucker", "kindly" suggesting that he sells himself on the street since that's the only thing his body is good for, according to them.
    See? This is not criticism. This is abuse.
    I'm getting the idea that they want Torres to hear their abuses, they want him to know how low they think of him, and that is because, for some reasons I cannot explain, they have some hatred toward him. They resent him, even if he hasn't done anything to spite them.
    He doesn't deliver, they say. We've been patient with him, they add. Is that a reason to disrespect a lad who is not only nice, but also hardworking and pretty shy (so different from the players/superstars of other teams)? Why is it that people feel the need to humiliate him and hurt him?
    Do they know how much he had to endure in the last two years? And now that he is finally looking a little bit better, they start to abuse him. Looks like they do not want him to succeed, they want him to see that he is not wanted at Chelsea, so that he will leave and they'll have Falcao.

    To all Falcao fans (I won't call them Chelsea fans, because they're not): don't worry. Torres will probably leave in January. I just hope someday you'll grow a brain and realize how horrible and disgusting your attitude toward him was.

    1. These ''fans'' are a disgrace. Some comments on twitter are disgusting.

  4. It's quite sad that he's being criticised and abused by fans and media in England simply because of his price tag. If he had been bought for less, no one would make a fuss. And it seems everyone has "forgotten" or are deliberately being ignorant to everything he has achieved in his career. He is absolutely adored on Spanish shores, yet here people are utterly disrespectful which is disgusting for a country that produces sub standard players.
    For him, I hope he moves and gets away from the farce that is British fans and British media. He deserves to be happy and I know he will be if he goes back to Atleti.
    Chelsea fans don't have respect for him and he doesn't deserve to endure this any longer. He should do the best for himself and that is to put an end to this chapter and have a fresh start elsewhere with no pressure.
    Chelsea fans should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. The things I've read on the lad... I was one of those who criticised him, but I'm now supporting him because what I read made me understand that no one deserves this treatment.
    I'm glad he doesn't use twitter, even though I guess the knows that Chelsea fans don't appreciate him.
    I'll be happy if Falcao comes, I won't deny this. I just wish people wouldn't feel the need to slaughter Torres to express their preference for Falcao.

    1. ''I guess the knows that Chelsea fans don't appreciate him''

      I'm 100% positive that he knows and I can only imagine how bad he must be feeling.

    2. I agree. So how can we expect him to feel confident when he feels unwanted by those who should support him through thick and thin?

      Also, he has scored 7 goals until now... it is not like last year, he's not having another goal drought. Yet fans seem unable to recognize that he is getting better.
      He is still not playing at his best, I know that. But maybe he could have reached that, with the good start of the season he had.
      Now, though, thanks to this situation, his improvement could be impaired.